Link Love

I have a terrible habit…

I open a ZILLION tabs on my computer.

And I try to limit it to one window… using Google Chrome so I can still see all of the tabs. But then, Stephen comes along & doesn’t want to mess with my messy tabby window & opens a new window. I can blame him, right? : ) And then I open a zillion more tabs. I’m not going to lie to you… I have 6 windows open & multiple tabs in each.

Now here’s the thing… almost all of the tabs are RECIPES I WANT TO TRY.

So this post is all about Recipe Link Love so I can close some of those tabs!!

Some of these recipes are old… from searches of foodgawker for “tofu” or “lemon.”

Some of these recipes are new… from blogs I stalk all the time or something I stumbled on.

Either way, I want to try them all!!!

“Mini Artisan Bread Rolls” from While He Was Out

Which would taste warm & yummy dipped in this…

“Potato Leek Soup” from Scandi Foodie

Which would be an excellent first course to this…

“Spicy Sausage with Red Beans & Rice” from This Can’t be Vegan

Which would taste wonderful with a side of…

“Sweet Corn Cake” from Healthy Happy Life

Which could be desert all by itself or followed by some decadence with…

“Brioche” from Have Cake, Will Travel

Now, here’s my other terrible habit…

I’ll probably only try like 1 out of 6 of these recipes.

And the tabs will stay open until I have a sudden “clean up” mood OR my laptop spontaneously restarts itself OR the browser freezes and I have to “force quit.”

Cheers to bad habits!!


6 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Haha adorable post, and I am the exact same way with the internet tabs. Only with infinite time, and infinite ingredients will I make all these recipes haha. But cute idea! I love how you organized this, great job!

  2. Have you tried Evernote? With that app you can save either the links or the content of the web pages to your “notebooks” The notebooks could be categorized by the kind of recipe. The app is free and syncs together all your devices– computer, smart phone and tablet so, for example, you can look at a recipe and see if you have all ingredients while at the grocery store. I use it all the time.

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