(Pictured: My Cousins Rachel, myself, Mackenzie, and Gabrielle)

I’m Kelley; recent acquisitor of a Masters degree in Global Environmental Policy from American University, amateur cook/baker/photographer, and seed collector (soon to be saver!).

My family is full of amazing cooks – Grandma made amazing Syrian dishes & Maryland classics, Mom & my cousin Rachel went to culinary school (!!), and most of my aunts can seriously bake (and make other delicious foods). Okay, the guys are pretty great too.

I’m fascinated by all things food & sustainability: agroecology, agrobiodiversity, farming, organic certifications, seed saving, composting, local economies, food sovereignty, gardening, preserving, and even home-brewing (Stephen!).

I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, primarily for environmental reasons but also as an effort to be healthy & I’m pretty fond of animals too (insert adorable picture of Beluga). For now, the recipes on the blog are all vegetarian or vegan.

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