Go-To Recipes

These are recipes from other bloggers that I absolutely LOVE to make & make often. They’re my go-tos, my arsenal, my standbys, my fallbacks, my favorites. I make them repeatedly because they’re just. so. good. Oh, and they’re all pretty easy. One pot or one bowl recipes.

So, without further ado, here are our “go-to”s.

This is a serious favorite for Stephen & me. I make the Rye Bread from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and we dip chunks into this wonderful broth. It’s the perfect combination of garlic, dill & lemon. This is probably one of my favorite recipes ever. And I love Peter’s blog – his photography is fresh & wonderful. Do be careful if you decide to make this incredible Greek dish… you may just eat the whole pot.

Arakas Me Patates from Souvlaki for the Soul

This one is our go-to veggie burger.They’re full of flavor & nutrition – packed with carrots, herbs, oats, flax & black beans – and have a great texture. I love to pan fry them in olive oil from a crispy crust. Hardly necessary to say, but Angela is a vegan blogging idol. Her recipes always use the best ingredients & everything I’ve made from her blog has turned out really delicious. Definitely, try these.

Perfect Veggie Burger from Oh She Glows

Stephen & I have made this next recipe so many times I don’t even need to think about measuring the ingredients. I found this recipe about 1.5 years ago when Stephen wanted to recreate is favorite Indian dish. Honey gives you step-by-step instructions that make it a great starter recipe for anyone who’s never made Indian food and it’s incredibly tasty. It’s definitely one of our staples. (Apparently we love peas & potatoes.)

Aloo Matar from Honey, What’s Cooking?

We also love lentils and make Mesir Wat allll the time. It’s one of the easiest recipes ever & tastes wonderful alone or with some Ethiopian collards or chickpeas. I have no idea where I found the recipe I use…. just like the Aloo Matar, I’ve made it so many times I don’t even think about measuring out the ingredients. After some browsing for examples, Michael’s recipe is definitely closest to the original I use. And I also absolutely adore his blog. He has so many recipes I have bookmarked, waiting to be sampled.

Mesir Wat from Herbivoracious

Of course, I have to include some dessert recipes. This was my first genuinely successful vegan cake and man did it set a precedent. I’ve made it a few times. The ganache is to-die-for. I was so excited when I made this recipe… it’s one of those cakes where no one would ever know the difference between vegan & non-vegan. And it’s supremely chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate Cake from What Would Cathy Eat?

 I’ve made these a dozen cookies a dozen times because they’re quick, easy, and so freaking tasty. Plus they’re versatile & Stephen loves them. They’re addictive but still seem healthy. They’re not greasy & they use wholesome ingredients. I’ve used rice flour & wheat flour, additional spices, and alternative nuts. They turn out great every single time.

Maple Walnut Jam Cookies from Feasting Freds

I must impress upon you the sheer awesomeness of all of the recipes above & implore you to try them all, immediately. They’re simply the best.

*Note: All of the pictures posted above are from the blogs from which the original recipe comes.